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  • VectaCell Rhodamine 123 for Active Mitochondrial Staining

    VectaCell™ Rhodamine 123 (Cat. No. CB-2100) is a fluorescent dye used to stain active mitochondria in live cell studies. As a cationic, lipophilic compound it will accumulate across the inner mitochondrial membrane based on membrane polarization in live cells. This can be a more consistent staining method than relying on superoxide... Read More
  • Vector Is 40!

    Order any VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit and get 40% off One qualifying ImmPACT™ Substrate Kit* Use offer code VECTOR40 The trusted staining system for any laboratory, still the IHC Gold Standard VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit High sensitivity and low background Unwavering reliability and reproducibility Cost effective Versatile Avidin/biotin technology Choice of enzyme... Read More
  • Visit our stand at the Aberdeen Immunology Group Annual Symposium

    Gez Boxall will be attending the AIG Annual Symposium  in Aberdeen on Thursday 5th May 2016.   He would be delighted to have a chat with you and see if we have any products that would make your research so much easier. Read More
  • Vector Veterinary Reagents ImmPRESS™ VR Polymer Detection Kits for farm, pet and lab animal tissues

    The ImmPRESS™ Polymer Detection System is a one-step, enzymatic detection kit. The ImmPRESS™ Polymer Reagent consists of unique micropolymers of highly active peroxidase enzyme attached to a highly cross-adsorbed, affinity purified, secondary antibody. The ImmPRESS™ Reagents produce outstanding immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry results due to increased target accessibility, binding specificity, and... Read More
  • Amplification of a Fluorescent Signal with VectaFluor™ Excel

    VectaFluor™ Excel™ Amplified Fluorescent Staining System offers a non-biotin amplification method for fluorescence applications. This system uses a ready-to-use (R.T.U.) Amplifier Antibody, followed by a ready-to-use (R.T.U.) VectaFluor™ DyLight® dye-labelled detection system.   All the reagents in the VectaFluor™ Excel™ Kit are affinity purified and extensively cross-adsorbed to ensure high... Read More
  • Anti-DIG (digoxigenin /digoxin) Antibodies For In Situ Hybridization

    Detection of Digoxigenin-Labelled Probes In situ hybridization (ISH) probes are frequently labelled with digoxigenin (DIG), a steroid found in plants. This is particularly useful in double label applications with a biotin-labelled probe. Digoxigenin labelled probes can be detected using our high affinity, purified antibody raised against digoxigenin/digoxin. Probe detection can now be... Read More
  • ImmPRESS™ Excel (Peroxidase) Amplified Staining Kits

    Everything you need for excellent staining at just over £1 per slide* Colon: Anti-CD34 (mouse monoclonal), ImmPRESS™ Excel Amplified Anti-Mouse IgG Staining Kit, ImmPACT™ DAB EqV (brown). Hematoxylin QS counterstain (blue) Vector have combined our best-selling detection reagents in to one convenient super sensitive detection kit in our ImmPRESS™ Excel (Peroxidase) Amplified... Read More
  • Highly Sensitive Alkaline Phosphatase Polymer Detection Reagents

    ImmPRESS™-AP Polymer Anti-Rabbit Ig & Anti-Mouse Ig Kits Previously only labelled with peroxidase, the ImmPRESS™ Reagent is now also available with alkaline phosphatase (AP) as the detection system. ImmPRESS™-AP Polymer Reagents provide greater sensitivity than conventional alkaline phosphatase  antibody conjugates and other alkaline phosphatase detection reagents for immunohistochemistry and other applications... Read More
  • ImmPRESSed with the ImmPACT™ Vector® Red!

    Following the launch of our new ImmPACT™ Vector® Red Alkaline Phosphatase substrate (SK-5105) and extensive testing, the images below have been kindly provided  by the Centre for Inflammation and Tissue Repair, University College London. Their histologist commented “This new Vector AP ImmPRESS™  polymer and ImmPACT™  RED chromogen (SK-5105) is... Read More
  • IHC Training Courses in Sheffield

    Vector is pleased to be once again supporting the University of Sheffield, IBMS accredited, CPD Training courses, starting with Beginners Immunohistochemistry on 8-9th March 2016, The complex interactions of an antigen and antibody and how this impacts on immunohistochemistry reactions Mathematics relating to molarity and ratios This is the first in... Read More

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