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NEW! Fast Double Immunofluorescent Labelling

Are you fed up spending hours doing Double Immunofluorescent Labelling?

The new VectaFluor™ Duet kits complete your staining protocol in just 30 minutes!

How is this possible?

The kits are configured to detect mouse and rabbit primary antibodies with green and red fluorescence in one step.

Our affinity purified, extensively cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies are conjugated to DyLight® dyes in a manner that ensures maximum degree of labelling without compromising antibody affinity or specificity. The red and green pair of DyLight® anti-mouse/anti-rabbit antibodies are then combined in a robust, stable, convenient cocktail formulation that yields sensitive, consistent dual staining.

Double Immunofluorescent Staining with DK-8828
Double Immunofluorescent Staining with DK-8818

VectaFluor™ Duet is compatible with fluorescence staining of cells and tissues.

Two kit configurations are available:

• Rabbit primary detected with green fluorescence and mouse primary detected with red fluorescence  (DK-8818)

• Mouse primary detected with green fluorescence and rabbit primary detected with red fluorescence  (DK-8828)

It's ready to use and includes a normal blocking serum, so all you need is your optimised primaries!

A comment from a recent customer trial:-

'It was definitely faster than the standard protocol - the incubation time was shorter -30 mins vs 2 hrs. Also it was slightly faster in that it is a ready to use solution - so there was no need to dilute secondary antibodies with block buffer'

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* Offer available off list price in UK only on first purchase of DK-8818 or DK-8828 per account. Offer until 30th September 2017.

Want to know more?

Here's a sample datasheet, or contact out technical services team - or by phone 01733 237999 - straight through to a real person!