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Please find below free resources that will help you to optimize your assays.  Please select one or more brochures from the list in the form, enter your contact information, and submit, and we will be happy to send you these resources free of charge.  Otherwise, feel free to download and browse.
Multiple Antigen Labeling Guide Cover
Multiple Antigen Labeling Guide. A valuable resource for those considering localizing two or more antigens in the same tissue section. Protocols for chromogenic as well as fluorescent detection are accompanied by schematic illustrations of the procedures. A chart of all pair-wise combinations of substrates is included along with photographic examples. Practical tips regarding order of substrates, blocking, and proper controls are also provided. You may preview or download a copy (8.2 MB).
Trouble shooting mouse primaries on mouse tissues
Trouble shooting mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue. This guide describes some common difficulties encountered in this procedure and details strategies for customizing the M.O.M. Kits to address them. Download a copy (2 KB).
Enzyme Substrates
Vector Laboratories offers many enzyme substrate kits for use with peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, and glucose oxidase detection systems. Download a copy (262 KB).
Trouble Shooting Guide
Trouble shooting Guide. A quick reference guide that outlines the systematic controls to help identify background sources in an immunohistochemistry protocol using ABC systems or polymer detection systems.  Also troubleshoot issues of weak or no staining. Laminated. Download a copy of troubleshooting  tips for the ABC systems and polymer detection systems.
Lectins and Glycobiology
Lectins and Glycobiology This brochure contains a useful table of lectin properties summarizing biophysical information as well as sugar binding specificities and special applications for lectins available from Vector Labs. Also includes a complete product listing of all lectins, lectin conjugates and associated reagents. Download a copy (5.3 MB)
Molecular Biology Guide Cover
Molecular Biology Guide. Ideal for those new to the field or those seeking straightforward, cost effective approaches in optimal labeling and detection of DNA/RNA probes.
Instructive diagrams showing labeling methodologies are accompanied by photographic examples submitted by independent investigators that highlights their recent research. Practical insight is offered into choice of labeling method based on probe size, type, application and tag. Subsequent detection of the labeled probes using chromogenic or fluorescent visualization is described for various applications including microarrays, blotting and in situ hybridization. Step-by-step protocols and referenced publications make this a valuable and contemporary reference tool. You may preview or download a copy (1.5 MB).