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Affinity Binding Matrices

Affinity Binding Matrices

Agarose-bound reagents for binding studies or sample purification

Use our affinity binding matrices in binding studies, affinity purification, or sample clean-up. These products all use 4% agarose gel beads that have been crosslinked to increase flow rates, reduce compressibility, and increase heat stability. The bead diameter ranges in size from 45- 165 microns. They are stable in solutions at pH 3-11, as well as in many organic solvents.

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  1. Unconjugated Agarose Beads
    Unconjugated Agarose Beads
    Cat. No: AG-1000
    Unit Size: 10 ml
  2. Agarose Streptavidin
    Agarose Streptavidin
    Cat. No: SA-5010
    Unit Size: 2 ml
  3. Agarose Protein A
    Agarose Protein A
    Cat. No: SP-0050
    Unit Size: 5 ml
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