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Picolyl Azide-Gly-Gly-Gly (CCT-1553)



Picolyl Azide is an advanced probe for sortase mediated labeling of proteins that incorporates a copper-chelating motif to raise the effective concentration of Cu(I) at the reaction site to boost the efficiency of the CuAAC reaction, resulting in a faster and more biocompatible CuAAC labeling. Sortase catalyzes a transpeptidase reaction between a specific internal sequence of a protein and an amine group present on the N-terminus of triglycine recently has become an area of great interest. This method of labeling proteins has been denoted as “Sortagging”.

Proteins conjugated to Picolyl Azide-Gly-Gly-Gly can be further modified with alkyne- or DBCO-containing molecules creating site-specific protein conjugates. Examples of creating protein conjugates using sortagging include site-specifically PEGylating proteins,1 site-specific protein-lipid conjugates,2 and constructing peptides and glycosylphosphatidylinositol chimeras.3 Sortase has also been used in peptide synthesis to cyclize peptides to create macrocyclic peptides, glycopeptides4 and protein−protein conjugates.


Unit Size10 mg, 25 mg, 100 mg
Molecular weight567.60
Chemical compositionC23H37N9O8
SolubilityDMSO, DMF
Purity>95% (HPLC)
AppearanceGrey amorphous solid
Storage Conditions-20°C. Desiccate
Shipping ConditionsAmbient temperature

Selected References

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