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Ricin A chain

Ricin A chain has been isolated from extremely toxic RCA II. Our ricin A chain has less than 0.01% of the toxicity of the native lectin in a cell culture test system, yet is as potent as native ricin in a cell-free protein synthesis assay. The A chain can be linked to other proteins such as antibodies. These antibody-toxin hybrid molecules can be used to kill specific cells with the appropriate antigenic determinant exposed, such as tumor markers on surfaces of malignant cells. The A chain is supplied in buffered saline with sodium azide as a preservative.

Please note: Ricin A chain is shipped on wet ice and requires an additional shipping charge, sold in USA only.

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  1. Ricin A Chain
    Ricin A Chain
    Cat. No: L-1190
    Unit Size: 1 mg
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