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Pisum sativum agglutinin (PSA)

Pisum sativum agglutinin is nearly identical in structure and carbohydrate specificity to Lens culinarisagglutinin. The lectin has specificity toward α-linked mannose-containing oligosaccharides, with an N-acetylchitobiose-linked α-fucose residue included in the receptor sequence. Calcium and manganese ions are required for activity. PSA has been used to fractionate cells, to isolate glycoproteins and glycopeptides, to distinguish between normal and virally transformed cells, as a T-cell mitogen, and as an inhibitor of allograft rejection.

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  1. Unconjugated Pisum Sativum Agglutinin (PSA)
    Unconjugated Pisum Sativum Agglutinin (PSA)
    Cat. No: L-1050
    Unit Size: 10 mg
  2. Biotinylated Pisum Sativum Agglutinin (PSA)
    Biotinylated Pisum Sativum Agglutinin (PSA)
    Cat. No: B-1055
    Unit Size: 5 mg
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