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Labeling Reagents
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  1. Fluorescence in situ hybridization of human chromosomes using 5' EndTag Texas Red-labeled pHuR 98 detected directly and mounted in Vectashield Mounting Media with DAPI.
    5' EndTag™ Labeling DNA/RNA Kit
    Cat. No: MB-9001
    Unit Size: 1 kit
  2. Texas Red® Maleimide
    Texas Red® Maleimide
    Cat. No: SP-1505
    Unit Size: 3.6 mg
  3. Fluorescein Maleimide
    Fluorescein Maleimide
    Cat. No: SP-1502
    Unit Size: 12 mg
  4. Biotin (Long Arm) Maleimide
    Biotin (Long Arm) Maleimide
    Cat. No: SP-1501
    Unit Size: 12 mg
  5. Biotin (Long Arm) NHS, Water Soluble
    Biotin (Long Arm) NHS, Water Soluble
    Cat. No: SP-1210
    Unit Size: 50 mg
  6. Biotin (Long Arm) NHS
    Biotin (Long Arm) NHS
    Cat. No: SP-1200
    Unit Size: 50 mg
  7. Dot blot hybridization comparing the sensitivity of biotinylated oligonucleotides.  The probes were labeled with either the 3'EndTag Kit protocol or a terminal transferase reaction with b-CTP.  The dots were detected with the UltraSNAP Detection Kit.
    3' EndTag DNA End Labeling System
    Cat. No: MB-9002
    Unit Size: 1 kit
  8. The sample to be tested is reacted with the kit reagents along with standards containing known amounts of biotin.  The absorbance readings of the known samples are plotted producing a standard curve.  The absorbance of the test sample is located on the st
    QuantTag Biotin Quantitation Kit
    Cat. No: BDK-2000
    Unit Size: 1 kit
  9. Biotin (Long Arm) Hydrazide
    Biotin (Long Arm) Hydrazide
    Cat. No: SP-1100
    Unit Size: 50 mg
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