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Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) Substrates

The alkaline phosphatase substrate kits that form precipitates are based on either reduction of tetrazolium salts or the production of colored diazo compounds.  Sections stained with the Vector® Red, BCIP/NBT, or Vector® Black substrate kits can be cleared with xylene. The Vector® Blue substrate product is soluble in xylene but can be cleared with citrus oil-based clearing agents and then permanently mounted.  The Vector® Red and Vector® Blue substrate combination has been reported to be useful in co-localization of antigens. The BCIP/NBT substrate is frequently used for nitrocellulose or in situ hybridization applications.

The newest formulation, ImmPACT™ Vector® Red, provides the following advantages:

  • 2-4 fold greater sensitivity than the original substrate (the most sensitive red AP substrate)
  • Supplied with stock solutions in dropper bottles and optimized diluent
  • Optimized specifically for immunohistochemistry applications
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