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Biotin Quantitation Kit (Quant*Tag Biotin Kit)

The Quant*Tag™ Biotin Kit (BDK-2000) is designed to determine the amount of free biotin in solution or the number of biotins attached to nucleic acids, proteins, or other macromolecules. This kit can be used to determine accurately the labeling efficiency of biotin-labeled molecules.

Unlike conventional biotin quantitation methods like the HABA assay, no predigestion of protein or nucleic acids is required, saving time and increasing accuracy. The Quant*Tag™ Biotin Kit, more sensitive than the HABA assay, is able to detect less than 1 nmol of biotin. Quant*Tag™ Kit reagents chemically react with free or bound biotin producing a colored product that can be quantified using a spectrophotometer. The absorbance is measured in the visible spectrum allowing the use of plastic cuvettes or microtitre plates.

The Quant*Tag™ Biotin Kit is quick and easy to use, and the assay can be completed in 30 minutes. A biotin standard is included. The kit contains sufficient reagents to perform from 25 to 250 tests depending on assay size.