Zeba™ Desalting Columns (0.5 mL, 7kDa)


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S-4024-010 10 each
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Zeba Desalting Columns contain a high performance resin that offers exceptional desalting and protein recovery characteristics compared to other commercially available resins. These 0.5 mL Zeba Columns each have a capacity of up to 130 µL of material. Samples containing as little as 0.25 mg/mL of protein can be processed, providing exceptional protein recovery and > 95% retention of salts and other small molecules < 7 kDa. Zeba Desalting Columns are recommended for processing proteins and other biomolecules with a molecular weight of > 25 kDa to ensure maximum recovery.

Zeba is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.


More Information
Recommended Storage 2° - 8°C – Do Not Freeze
Applications In Situ Proximity Ligation
Other Name(s) SoluLINK Bioconjugation


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