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VectaFluor Ready-to-Use Secondaries

VectaFluor™ Ready-to-Use (R.T.U.) Secondary Antibodies

Our most convenient fluorescence staining option

VectaFluor™ Ready-to-Use (R.T.U.) DyLight® dye-labeled secondary antibodies offer maximum convenience for fluorescence staining of cells and tissues.

  • Ready-to-use format for maximum convenience
  • Supplied as 15 ml pre-diluted, stabilized, ready-to-use solutions along with 15 ml ready-to-use 2.5% normal horse serum for blocking
  • Affinity-purified, ultrapure, high-affinity antibody 
  • Thoroughly adsorbed against serum and immunoglobulins from potentially interfering species 
  • Unless otherwise specified, antibodies recognize both heavy and light chains (H+L) 
  • Optimally labeled with DyLight® fluorescent dyes to provide the brighter fluorescence, greater photostability, and pH independence

DyLight® fluorescent dyes are direct alternatives to traditional fluorophores such as fluorescein (FITC) and rhodamine. The excitation and emission spectra parallel that of other commercially available fluorescent reagents allowing for easy substitution into an existing protocol without requiring any further instrumentation or filter sets.  

DyLight® dyes offer a number of potential advantages, including:

  • Greater photostability and brighter fluorescence
  • Stability over a pH range of 4-9, making them compatible with many aqueous-based buffers and diluents
  • Can be applied as single labels or in combination with other DyLight® dyes and fluorophores as part of a multiple immunofluorescent antigen staining methodology
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