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Fluorescent Secondaries (Concentrate)

Fluorescent Secondaries (Concentrate)

A selection of purified, high-affinity fluorescent antibodies

Our fluorescent secondary antibodies are unmatched in quality for immunological techniques. All antibodies are prepared using proprietary immunization schedules that produce high-affinity antibodies. The antibodies are affinity-purified by chromatography, and cross-reactivities that are likely to interfere with specific labeling are removed by solid-phase adsorption techniques. Antibodies are conjugated to ensure optimal labeling without compromising antibody specificity or affinity.

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  1. Dorsal root ganglia cells (neurons and satellite glia) - double label.  BIII tubulin, DyLight 594 labeled secondary antibody (red). S100, DyLight 488 labeled secondary antibody (green). Mounted in VECTASHIELD HardSet Mounting Medium with DAPI. Image court
    DyLight 594 Horse Anti-Goat IgG Antibody
    Cat. No: DI-3094
    Unit Size: 1.5 mg
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