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  1. Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-Digoxigenin/Digoxin (AP Anti-DIG)
    Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-Digoxigenin/Digoxin (AP Anti-DIG)
    Cat. No: MB-7100
    Unit Size: 300 microlitres
  2. Goat Anti-Biotin, Peroxidase Conjugated
    Goat Anti-Biotin, Peroxidase Conjugated
    Cat. No: SP-3010
    Unit Size: 1 mg
  3. Goat Anti-Biotin, Unconjugated
    Goat Anti-Biotin, Unconjugated
    Cat. No: SP-3000
    Unit Size: 1 mg
  4. Anti-DNP (Dinitrophenyl), Unconjugated
    Anti-DNP (Dinitrophenyl), Unconjugated
    Cat. No: SP-0603
    Unit Size: 1 mg
  5. Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Biotin Antibody
    Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Biotin Antibody
    Cat. No: MB-9100
    Unit Size: 1 ml
  6. Anti-Digoxigenin/Digoxin (DIG), Unconjugated
    Anti-Digoxigenin/Digoxin (DIG), Unconjugated
    Cat. No: MB-7000
    Unit Size: 1 mg
  7. Biotinylated Anti-Rhodamine
    Biotinylated Anti-Rhodamine
    Cat. No: BA-0605
    Unit Size: 0.5 mg
  8. FastTag Fluorescein labeled pUC1.77 detected with Biotinylated Anti-Fluorescein and Fluorescein Avidin DCS, and counterstained with VECTASHIELD with PI.
    Biotinylated Anti-Fluorescein
    Cat. No: BA-0601
    Unit Size: 0.5 mg
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