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Anti-DNP (Dinitrophenyl)

Anti-DNP (Dinitrophenyl)

For biotin-free detection of DNP-labeled probes and antibodies

DNP (Dinitrophenyl) is a compound not found endogenously in tissues. Use our anti-DNP antibodies to detect probes or antibodies labeled with DNP. It is an excellent choice for applications requiring biotin-free systems. 

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  1. Biotinylated Anti-DNP
    Biotinylated Anti-DNP
    Cat. No: BA-0603
    Unit Size: 0.5 mg
  2. Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-DNP
    Alkaline Phosphatase Anti-DNP
    Cat. No: MB-3100
    Unit Size: 150 µg
  3. Anti-DNP (Dinitrophenyl), Unconjugated
    Anti-DNP (Dinitrophenyl), Unconjugated
    Cat. No: SP-0603
    Unit Size: 1 mg
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