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Win a FREE Canvas of your Work!

Be one of 10 winners and get a FREE 24" x 36" canvas of your image.

Your photomicrographic image should feature the use of at least one of our products and should be submitted by Nov 30, 2016.

That's it. No need to resize images, but please submit the highest quality possible - the best resolution that you have.  We want to be sure we can make the best reproduction of your work.

GFAP w VECTASHIELD with DAPI Tonsil Vector Blue and ImmPACT NovaRED ConA stained Cells


Photo Contest Form

Please enter the contest by completing the following form.  By submitting your image you warrant that you have the lawful right to distribute and reproduce such content.

  • Please specify how you and your colleagues would like to be acknowledged for your work.

  • Please submit the highest resolution that you have. We will modify the image for the size of the canvas. (Allowable formats - jpg, jpeg, gif, png).

* Required Fields