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National Society for Histotechnology 2016

NSH 2016


Sign up for Workshop 99 and learn tips and insights for designing immunohistochemical procedures

There are many questions to consider when setting up an IHC or ISH procedure in the laboratory, and the answers to those questions will help determine which reagents and protocols are best suited to yield optimal results for a given objective. Do you need the most cost effective procedure or do you require maximum sensitivity? Do you need an answer rapidly? Do you require a flexible system that is adaptable to a changing environment or do you need simplicity? Maybe your answer is all of the above! Not every reagent or protocol is ideal for every laboratory. Decisions must be made to prioritize the requirements of the laboratory so that the reagents and protocols are chosen to match those specific needs. This workshop will take a look at the many considerations required in designing immunohistochemical protocols and how the choice of reagents and procedures can be optimized to best solve a lab's specific needs.


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