Cat. No: SP-1155
Price: $121.00
Unit Size: 2 mg


NEUROBIOTIN™ 350 Tracer is a tri-functional molecule designed for neuronal tracing and cell filling.


  • Bright blue fluorophore, similar in fluorescence to AMCA or Alexa Fluor® 350
  • Biotin label with a biotinidase-resistant linkage
  • Fixable primary amine
  • Used for visualizing neural architecture and for the identification of gap junction coupling
  • Can be used in many types of preparations including in vivo, whole mounts, slice preparations, or cultured cells
  • Can be delivered by many routes such as intracellular electodes, microinjection, cut-loading, or scrape-loading
  • Biotin label can be detected using avidin or streptavidin systems with either chromogenic or fluorescence visualization methods

Advantages of NEUROBIOTIN Tracer over biocytin and other neuronal labels:

  • Better solubility
  • More efficiently iontophoresed
  • Remains in cell longer
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be fixed with formalin or glutaraldehyde
Cat. No. SP-1155-2
Unit Size 2 mg
Country of Manufacture United States
Neuronal Tracer - Direction of Transport Anterograde/Retrograde
Detection Method Avidin(Streptavidin)/Biotin Method, Chromogenic, Fluorescence

More Information

NEUROBIOTIN™ 350 is a tri-functional molecule designed for neuronal tracing and cell filling that contains:

  • a biotin label with a biotinidase-resistant linker.
  • a bright fluorophore, similar in fluorescence to AMCA or Alexa Fluor 350.
  • a fixable primary amino group.

Similar in structure to NEUROBIOTIN™ 488, NEUROBIOTIN™ 350 is also an amine containing biotin derivative. However, it is conjugated with a bright blue fluorophore that would contrast with other green or red fluorescent markers or reagents present in the same preparation. For administration purposes NEUROBIOTIN™ 350 has a net positive charge and is highly soluble in a number of commonly used buffer and salt solutions.

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