ImmPRESS® Duet Double Staining HRP/AP Polymer Kit (anti-rabbit IgG-brown, anti-mouse IgG-red)

Cat. No: MP-7714
Price: $524.00
Unit Size: 1 kit



Save time and streamline your double staining IHC workflow with the ImmPRESS Duet Double Staining Polymer Kit.

  • Complete Kits for IHC Double Labeling
  • Convenient Dual Specificity (anti-mouse IgG/rabbit IgG) ImmPRESS HRP/AP Polymer Reagent
  • High Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Non-Biotin Based Reagents
  • Prediluted, Ready-to-use

Kit Contents:

  • 15 ml BLOXALL® Blocking Solution
  • 15 ml 2.5% Normal Serum
  • 15 ml ImmPRESS Duet HRP/AP Polymer Reagent (mixture of ImmPRESS HRP Anti-Rabbit IgG and ImmPRESS  AP Anti-Mouse IgG)
  • ImmPACT® DAB EqV Substrate (HRP, brown)
  • ImmPACT Vector® Red Substrate (AP, magenta)
Cat. No. MP-7714-15
Unit Size 1 kit
Country of Manufacture United States
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry
Technology Micropolymer Reagents
Detection Enzyme(s) HRP/AP
Conjugate Micropolymer HRP/Micropolymer AP
Target Species Universal (Mouse/Rabbit)
Format Ready-to-Use
Blocking Action Endogenous Peroxidase, Endogenous Alkaline Phosphatase, Non-Specific Protein Blocking

More Information

Save time and streamline your double staining IHC workflow with the ImmPRESS Duet Double Staining Polymer Kit. This kit enables fast, well-defined localization and visualization of two different target antigens on the same tissue section. Utilizing our unique ImmPRESS micropolymer chemistry, we independently conjugate highly-active horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme polymers to anti-mouse IgG and anti-rabbit IgG affinity-purified, highly cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies. These reagents are then blended at optimized dilutions to provide a stable pre-diluted, ready-to-use HRP/AP formula that will detect mouse and rabbit primary antibodies, and facilitate a time-saving, simplified, one-step double label detection protocol. For maximum sensitivity and staining contrast between target antigens, ImmPACT DAB EqV (HRP, brown) and ImmPACT Vector® Red (AP, magenta) substrates are included to complete this easy to use staining kit.

Key advantages

  • Complete double staining HRP/AP Kits
  • Highly cross-adsorbed, non-biotin polymer detection reagent
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Prediluted, ready- to-use in convenient dropper bottles

Kit includes

  1. 15 ml BLOXALL Blocking Solution
  2. 15 ml 2.5% Normal Serum
  3. 15 ml ImmPRESS Duet HRP/AP Polymer Reagent (mixture of ImmPRESS™ HRP Anti-Rabbit IgG and ImmPRESS AP Anti-Mouse IgG)
  4. ImmPACT DAB EqV Substrate (HRP, brown)
  5. ImmPACT Vector Red Substrate (AP, magenta)

The ImmPRESS Duet Double Staining Polymer Kit is intended for use on non-rodent tissue specimens. Reliable and reproducible results are obtained on tissue sections where the two target antigens do not over-lap (co-localize) in the same structure of the same cell, but rather are expressed in different cell compartments or different cell types.

Also included, BLOXALL  Blocking Solution abolishes all endogenous peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase activity in a single 10 minute incubation. In addition, 2.5% Normal Serum blocks all non-specific binding of detection reagents to ensure crisp, specific staining.

All reagents are supplied in stabilized, ready-to-use (R.T.U.) solutions for maximum convenience, and consistency between assays. The ImmPRESS Duet Double Staining Polymer Kits offer a complete and simple solution for visualizing target antigens in cell and tissue preparations and contains sufficient reagents to stain approximately 150 sections.


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