HyNic Silane


This product has been discontinued.

This product is now available upon request as a custom synthesis. It is not maintained as a stocked item.
SKU Unit Size Price
HL-1002-025 25 mg

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More Information
Label/Modifier Type HyNic
Reactivity 4FB
Recommended Storage None,
Applications Antibody Labeling, Antisense/RNAi, Aptamers
Other Name(s) Solulink Bioconjugation



Technical Information

The HyNic crosslinker is fundamental to the ChromaLINK® conjugation technology. HyNic triethoxysilane is used for incorporation of HyNic groups on silica/glass surfaces. HyNic forms stable covalent conjugates with biomolecules possessing 4FB (4-formylbenzamide) linkers for immobilization of biomolecules on glass surfaces.

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