Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide

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Peroxidase-Based Kits:

Peroxidase substrates produce sharp, dense precipitates with crisp localization. In conjunction with the high sensitivity and low background of VECTASTAIN® ABC Systems, peroxidase-based detection systems are a preferred choice for many applications. (see peroxidase substrates)

VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC System (Peroxidase)

The VECTASTAIN® Elite ® ABC complex is smaller and more uniform than conventional avidin-biotin complexes. They have greater accessibility to biotinylated targets within tissue samples. VECTASTAIN® Elite ® ABC Kits are our most sensitive avidin-biotin based peroxidase systems.

  • Highest available sensitivity, low background
  • Cost effective: Higher sensitivity means lower cost per slide
  • Available without (Standard Kit) or with biotinylated species-specific or universal secondary antibodies
  • Available in ready-to-use formats that yield the same high sensitivity and low background as the corresponding conventional VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit reagents.

Original VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit (Peroxidase)

Our original avidin-biotin ABC complex formulation.

  • Good sensitivity, low background
  • Available with or without biotinylated species-specific secondary antibody
  • Economical

Tonsil: • Multi-Cytokeratin (m), VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC Kit, Vector® DAB (brown) • CD3 (m), VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC Kit, Vector® VIP (purple) • CD20 (m), VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC Kit, Vector® SG (blue-gray).

VECTASTAIN® Universal Quick Kits (Peroxidase)

With VECTASTAIN® Universal Quick Kits, you can quickly detect primary antibodies made in mouse, rabbit, or goat. These kits rely on a proprietary preformed peroxidasestreptavidin complex to achieve outstanding sensitivity with short incubation times.

  • Rapid protocol: Staining in less than 20 minutes following primary antibody incubation. Working solutions can be used immediately after dilution.
  • High sensitivity, low background
  • Biotinylated Universal Pan-Specific secondary antibody recognizes mouse, rabbit, and goat primary antibodies, as well as those from related species such as rat, bovine, and sheep. (Do not use to stain rat, mouse or other rodent, rabbit, goat, bovine, or sheep tissue due to potential reactivity with endogenous IgG.)
  • Available in concentrate or ready-to-use format

Alkaline Phosphatase-Based Kits:

The sensitivity of the VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP system is comparable to that of the peroxidase VECTASTAIN® Elite ® ABC system. You may prefer to use VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kits for tissues that have high endogenous peroxidase activity. The system also offers additional substrate color choices. (See alkaline phosphatase substrates)

ProductElite® (Peroxidase)Original (Peroxidase)Quick (Peroxidase)Alkaline Phosphatase
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Standard PK-6100 PK-4000 AK-5000
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Rabbit IgG PK-6101 PK-4001 AK-5001
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Mouse IgG PK-6102 PK-4002 AK-5002
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Mouse IgM PK-4010 AK-5010
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Human IgG PK-6103 PK-4003 AK-5003
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Rat IgG PK-6104 PK-4004 AK-5004
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Goat IgG PK-6105 PK-4005 AK-5005
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Sheep IgG PK-6106 PK-4006 AK-5006
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Guinea Pig IgG PK-4007
VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Universal PK-6200 AK-5200
R.T.U. VECTASTAIN® ABC Reagent PK-7100
R.T.U. VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit, Universal PK-7200
R.T.U. VECTASTAIN® Universal Quick Kit PK-7800
VECTASTAIN® Universal Quick Kit (concentrate) PK-8800