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Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide

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Table of Contents

Species on Species Detection

Solutions when your primary antibody is the same species as your specimen.

Mouse on Mouse

When a primary antibody is the same species as the specimen, the secondary antibody cannot distinguish between the endogenous immunoglobulins and the primary antibody. This can result in high background staining that obscures antigen-specific staining. Mouse on Mouse detection is especially important because of the vast number of primary antibodies made in mouse and the wide use of mice in model systems, xenografts, and other applications. An anti-mouse antibody on mouse tissue can result in a specific stain using our M.O.M.® (Mouse on Mouse) kits.

Human on Human

The H.O.H. Immunodetection Kit is intended to detect human (or humanized) antibodies on frozen or paraffin embedded human tissue sections. This kit employs a straightforward two-step primary antibody preparation followed by standard IHC assay detection procedures to eliminate confounding interference from endogenous human IgG.

H.O.H. Immunodetection Kit (Catalog Number HOH-3000):

Newbornmousetongue Newbornmousetongue Vectorlabs Newbornmousetongue Vectorlabs
Mouse, Newborn (tongue, double label): Synapsin (m), MOM Peroxidase kit, Vector NovaRED substrate (red); Desmin (m), MOM Peroxidase Kit, DAB+Ni substrate (gray/black).
Hoh Image Hoh Image Vectorlabs Hoh image Vectorlabs
LEFT image: Serial sections of human kidney (FFPE) showing strong, specific staining using human anti-cytokeratin primary antibody detected with HOH-3000 (brown regions). RIGHT image: Negative control showing an absence of staining (no background).