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Multiple Antigen Labeling Simplified

A key advantage of the ImmPRESS® Polymer Reagent is that it significantly shortens staining times for multiplex immunohistochemistry (IHC) protocols.

  • Fewer steps than conventional protocols decreases slide handling.
  • Eliminates the need for avidin/biotin blocking steps in samples with endogenous biotin.

Breast Carcinoma: • Ki67 (rm), ImmPRESS Reagent (HRP; Universal), Vector® DAB (brown) • CD34, ImmPRESS Reagent (HRP; Universal), Vector VIP (purple).

Colon: • M2A antigen (m), VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kit (Universal), Vector Blue (blue) • CD20 (m), ImmPRESS Reagent (HRP; Universal), Vector VIP (purple).

Colon: • CD3 (rm), ImmPRESS Reagent (HRP) Anti-Rabbit IgG, ImmPACT AMEC Red • CD34 (m), ImmPRESS-AP Anti-Mouse IgG Reagent, Vector Blue (blue).

Using the ImmPRESS® Polymer Kits for multiplex IHC protocols.

1 Add First Primary Antibody
2 Add ImmPRESS Reagent
3 Add Enzyme Substrate I
4 Add Second Primary Antibody
5 Add ImmPRESS Reagent
6 Add Enzyme Substrate II

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