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Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.®) Immunodetection Kits

Vector Laboratories M.O.M. Immunodetection systems are specifically designed to localize mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue while avoiding background staining. These M.O.M. Kits contain our proprietary M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent. M.O.M. Kits are available based on either avidin-biotin technology (M.O.M. Elite® ABC Kit, Fluorescein Kit, or Basic Kit) or polymer technology (M.O.M. ImmPRESS® HRP Polymer Kit). Use the M.O.M. Immunodetection systems to introduce two or more different labels using a multiple antigen labeling protocol. You can detect several mouse primary antibodies on the same tissue section, regardless of the species of the tissue. Excellent staining results for a once difficult application have now become routine with the Vector M.O.M. System.

  • Significantly reduces endogenous mouse Ig staining when using mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue
  • Simple protocols
  • Eliminates tedious calculations
  • Eliminates primary antibody prebinding steps
  • Clear, crisp, specific staining of antigens of interest
  • Compatible with fluorescent or enzyme-based detection
  • Available with or without enzyme or fluorochrome
Recommended applications:
chevron-right Studies in genetically engineered mice
chevron-right Transgenic and knock-out models
chevron-right Mouse xenograft tissue
chevron-right Normal mouse tissue

Sections of mouse kidney stained with mouse antibody against smooth muscle actin using VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kit and Vector® Blue substrate. Using standard biotinylated anti-mouse antibody and normal blocking serum, confusing background is seen (left). With the Vector® M.O.M. Basic Kit, clean background and specific staining is achieved (right).

Mouse intestine stained with standard anti-mouse IgG polymer system (left) and Vector M.O.M. ImmPRESS HRP Polymer Kit (right). Brown signal indicates IgG background staining. (Both: No primary antibody, Vector DAB stain, hematoxylin counterstain.)

ProductCatalog Number
M.O.M. Peroxidase Kit PK-2200
M.O.M. Fluorescein Kit FMK-2201
M.O.M. Basic Kit BMK-2202
M.O.M. ImmPRESS HRP Polymer Kit MP-2400
M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent MKB-2213
M.O.M. Biotinylated Anti-Mouse Ig Reagent* MKB-2225
M.O.M. ImmPRESS HRP Polymer Anti-Mouse Reagent MPX-2402

* This reagent must be used with the M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent (MKB-2213). It is not intended to be a stand-alone reagent for mouse on mouse applications.