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Honorable Mention
Joseph Hyser, Baylor College of Medicine

Joseph Hyser

A Beautiful & Deadly Meadow”. Rotavirus is a leading cause of fatal diarrheal diseases worldwide. Yet rotavirus-infected cells depict the haunting beauty of these deadly viruses. The image is of MA104 monkey kidney cells infected with a rotavirus that expresses the viral protein NSP4 tagged to the green fluorescent protein GCaMP8s. Cells were antibody stained for a second viral protein, NSP2 (magenta) to label sites of viral replication. The cell nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue). Data was acquired on in a Zeiss LSM980-Airyscan2 microscope and the image is depicted in 2.5D where intensity is displayed with increased elevation.

Products used: VECTASHIELD® Antifade Mounting Medium – (H-1000-10)