DyLight 594 Labeled Anti-Digoxigenin/Digoxin (DIG)

Cat. No: DI-7594
Price: $169.00
Unit Size: 0.5 mg



  • High affinity and highly purified antibody to detect DIG-labed probes
  • DyLight® 594 conjugated antibodies allow a one-step fluorescent visualization of DIG-labeled probes
  • Excitation:  592 nm
  • Emission:  617 nm
  • Color:  Red
Cat. No. DI-7594-.5
Unit Size 0.5 mg
Country of Manufacture United States
Applications In situ hybridization
Detection Target Digoxigenin/Digoxin (DIG)
Conjugate DyLight 594
Color of Fluorescence Red
Host Species Goat
Format Concentrate

More Information

Digoxigenin (DIG) is a small plant-derived molecule not found in animals. DIG is used to label nucleic acid probes for applications such as in situ hybridization. DIG-labeled probes are detected with antibodies specifically directed against the DIG label. We have generated high affinity and highly purified antibodies for this purpose. The DyLight® conjugated antibodies allow a one-step fluorescent visualization of DIG-labeled probes.

DyLight® dyes offer several advantages including greater photostability, pH independence and brighter fluorescence. DyLight® conjugates are completely stable from pH 4 to pH 9, making them compatible with many buffers and diluents.

DyLight® 594 has an excitation maximum at 592 nm and an emission maximum at 617 nm.

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