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Industry Leadership

We have been developing innovative labeling and detection products since 1976, designing and manufacturing reagents and kits that have enabled many significant research advancements.

Our products have been cited in over 350,000 publications, and clients worldwide rely on us for Custom & OEM solutions and security of supply.

  • Celebrating 40+ Years
  • Cited in 350k Publications
  • 65,000 ft research and production facility
  • Made in USA

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What is Your Product Focus?


  •  Avidin-Biotin and Streptavidin-Biotin Systems
  •  Enzyme Substrates
  •  Affinity-Purified Secondary Antibodies
  •  Blocking Reagents
  •  Molecular Biology Reagents
  •  Lectin-based Glycobiology Reagents

Vector Labs offers Custom and OEM Services

How Is Vector Laboratories Different?

As an original manufacturer, we can readily address customer requests for alternative product formulations and packaging.

Our dedicated team of scientists & chemists has extensive expertise in conjugation, creating compact, highly active enzyme-antibody and dye-antibody combinations.

For products intended for commercial use, we offer attractive licensing and supply arrangements.

Custom and OEM Services Vector Laboratories Provides

What Custom and OEM Services Does Vector Laboratories Provide?


  • Large volume packaging
  • Custom labeling/rebranding
  • Proprietary product manufacturing
  • Proprietary molecule dye/enzyme conjugations
  • Compatibility testing
  • Methods optimization
  • Product reformulation


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