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Since 1976 Vector Laboratories has provided innovative labeling and detection solutions to the scientific community. Shortly after introducing a line of purified lectin reagents, we revolutionized the field of histological staining with development of the versatile and sensitive Biotin-Avidin detection method leading to the VECTASTAIN® ABC family of products. These reagents provide consistent, reliable, sensitive, and low background staining for immunohistochemistry and other applications. Over the ensuing years, we have continued to innovate with the development of key reagents including: our ImmPRESS polymer detection systems – peroxidase micropolymers directly conjugated to secondary antibodies, which streamline detection procedures; the Vector® M.O.M. reagents, enabling the use of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue; proprietary enzyme substrates that yield a palette of colors for multiple labeling needs; our acclaimed anti-fade VECTASHIELD® mounting mediums, and our fluorescent products labeled with classic fluors as well as the new DyLight® dyes that allow superior fluorescence capabilities. Other pioneering products include neuronal tracers, ultrapure immunological products, and novel reagents for labeling, detection and isolation of nucleic acids, fusion proteins and carbohydrates.  Vector Laboratories’ substantial presence in the scientific literature is a testament to the widespread use of our products and their quality.

Vector Laboratories is an independent, privately-held California corporation with subsidiaries in the U.K. and Canada. The products listed in this catalog are manufactured at our main 65,000 ftresearch and development facilities in Burlingame, California. Our products are also available worldwide through a network of independent distributors. Throughout the years we have remained committed to producing superior products and supporting them with prompt and personal service. We have an accessible and knowledgeable technical staff ready to assist in the successful use of our reagents in a myriad of applications. Additional technical information and tutorials are available on our website. The long-term relationships we have established with members of the scientific community reflect a confidence in our record of producing products of unmatched performance and quality. Ours remains the standard by which others are measured.

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Vector Building



Albert Coons demonstrated that flourescently labeled antibodies can be used to localize bacteria inside macrophages (immunohistochemistry).


Straits Avrameas and Paul Nakane independently developed methods to covalently couple the enzyme horseradish peroxidase (HRP) to antibodies


Vector Labs first to commercialize avidin-biotin enzyme complex (VECTASTAIN.ABC kits)


S.M. Hsu published that the high affinity of avidin for biotin could be used to increase the stability of the enzyme antibody complex


Vector Labs launches PHOTOPROBE.Biotin


SR. Shi developed the antigen retrieval process for formaldehyde fixed tissues


Vector Labs introduced first antifade mounting media for fluorescence (VECTASHIELD. Mounting Media)


Vector Labs introduced a next-generation PAP pen conforming with environmental regulations (ImmEdgeTM Pen)


Vector Labs expanded antifade mounting media with hardening formulation (VECTASHIELD.HardSetTM Mounting Media)


Vector Labs developed detection reagents enabling greater access to antigens within tissues and improving multiple antigen labeling (ImmPRESSTM enzyme polymer)


Vector Labs introduced proprietary substrates enabling multiplexing IHC (ImmPACTTM HRP substrates)


Vector Labs introduced BLOXALL.Endogenous HRP and AP Blocking Solution


Vector Labs introduced additional proprietary AP substrate (ImmPACTTM Vector. Red substrate)


Strategic investment by Maravai LifeSciences

Trademarks of Vector: ABC-AmP, Animal-Free Blocker, AT-Yellow, BLOXALL, DuoLuX, Elite, EndTag, FastTag, Fusion Aid, GC-Red, HYBEX, ImmEdge, ImmPACT, ImmPRESS, ImmPrint, M.O.M., NEUROBIOTIN, NicKit p.s.o., PHOTOPROBE, PolyBlock, ProFusion, ProtOn, Quant*Tag, Resolve-It, UltraSNAP, VECTABOND, VectaCell, VectaFluor, VectaMount, VECTASHIELD, VECTASHIELD HardSet, VECTASTAIN, Vector, Vector Black, Vector Blue, Vector NovaRED, Vector Red, VECTREX, WestVision. Others: ABTS-Boehringer Mannheim; Texas Red-Molecular Probes, TSA-NEN Life Sciences Products; APS-5 Lumigen Inc. DuoLuX is a special formula of APS-5 produced for Vector Labs by Lumigen Inc. Southfield, MI.