Multi-site Labeling

PHOTOPROBE® Biotin nucleic acid labeling systems

Use these labeling systems when labeling longer strands of nucleic acid (>100bp). These systems:

  • Incorporate label at multiple sites along the length of a nucleic acid
  • Do not destroy or create a copy of the original nucleic
  • Label single-or double-stranded DNA, circular DNA, RNA, siRNA, or PNA (peptide nucleic acid)

These nucleic acid labeling systems use aryl azide chemistry, in which reagents are activated and incorporate into the nucleic acid when exposed to heat or light. The labeling reaction is not base-specific and can be carried out using a mercury vapor bulb, halogen lamp, heating block, or thermal cycler.

  • PHOTOPROBE® Biotin — for simple, rapid labeling with biotin.
  • PHOTOPROBE® (Long Arm) Biotin — for single-step incorporation of biotin molecules featuring an extra long linker arm, should an extra distance between the sample and tag be needed.

Multi-site Labeling - Products

Product Quantity Price
Cat. No. : SP-1000, Unit Size: 1 kit
Cat. No. : SP-1020, Unit Size: 1 kit
Cat. No. : SPK-1906, Unit Size: 1 kit