Molecular Biology Reagents

DNA and protein standards and products for nucleic acid probe size optimization and biotinylation

Vector® biotinylated protein and DNA molecular weight markers are standards for use with gel-based protein and DNA electrophoresis and blotting applications.

  • Biotinylated Protein Molecular Weight Markers  — provide eight distinct, 19–222 kDa biotinylated protein bands ideal for western blot detection using any avidin or streptavidin-based detection system
  • Biotinylated DNA Molecular Weight Marker  — consists of 15 regularly spaced bands between 0.2 and 10 kilobase pairs. Supplied ready-to-use, they contain loading dye so that electrophoresis can be monitored. Detect these bands on blots using an avidin or streptavidin-based system

Molecular Biology Reagents - Products

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Cat. No. : MB-1302, Unit Size: 25 µg