Enzyme Polymer Detection Systems

Integrated antibody and enzyme technology for streamlined IHC and western blot detection

Our enzyme polymer detection system integrates secondary antibodies with a high-density micropolymer array of reporter enzyme. This technique:

  • Introduces more enzyme at the site of primary antibody localization 
  • Yields a stronger signal with lower background 
  • Simplifies detection into in a single incubation step 

We make our proprietary enzyme polymer detection reagents without large dextrans or other macromolecules as a backbone. This novel approach allows a higher density of enzymes to access a target with minimal interference.

We offer polymer detection systems for both immunohistochemistry and western blot detection. These products provide:

  • Consistent and sensitive detection 
  • Enhanced signals and diminished background staining (optimum signal:noise ratio)
  • Ready-to-use, pre-diluted reagents in convenient dropper bottles
ImmPRESS® Polymer detection
Our unique polymer conjugation chemistry enables significantly more enzyme to be introduced at the antigen target site, resulting in greater signal intensity and sensitivity.
Enzyme conjugated secondary antibody detection
Standard conjugation methods limit the amount of enzyme available for reactivity and hence result in lower signal intensity and substantially lower sensitivity.