End Labeling

EndTag™ end-labeling kits

Use Vector’s EndTag™ kits for end labeling of short (<100bp) oligonucleotides. These kits:

  • Enable covalent attachment of a variety of fluorescent dyes, haptens, or affinity tags
  • Use thiol-specific chemistry to incorporate any labels containing thiol-reactive groups (maleimides, iodoacetamides, etc.)
  • Require very little hands-on time in a 1 hour labeling protocol

The 5’ and 3’ EndTag™ kits are ideal in DNA hybridization, PCR, in situ hybridization, binding of capture probes to affinity matrices, and electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSA).

  • 5’ EndTag™ Labeling Kit — labels 5’ ends of DNA, RNA, or unmodified oligonucleotides.Use it to label PCR primers as labeling of the 5’ end leaves the 3’ end available for polymerization.
  • 3’ EndTag™ Labeling Kit — offers simple, uniform labeling of blunt, overlapping, or recessed 3’ ends of DNA. Labeling the 3’ end preserves the 5’ terminal phosphate.

End labeling - Products

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Cat. No. : MB-9002, Unit Size: 1 kit
Cat. No. : MB-9001, Unit Size: 1 kit