Blocking Reagents

Blocking solutions can prevent background interference from different sources, including autofluorescence, endogenous enzyme activity, Fc receptors, or interactions of detection reagents with tissue/cell proteins and other macromolecules.

Vector Laboratories offers blocking solutions for a variety of applications. To determine which blocking solution may be best for you, run series of negative controls as outlined in Vector Lab's Troubleshooting Guide (please see resource below).

Explore Blocking Reagents

Protein blocking reagents prevent non-specific protein interactions between detection reagents and target protein elements that can cause unwanted background staining.

Vector® TrueVIEW® Autofluorescence Quenching Kit specifically binds and quenches autofluorescent elements from non-lipofuscin sources, significantly enhancing signal-to-noise in most immunofluorescence assays.

Blocking solutions minimize the non-specific binding of detection antibodies to the membrane that often lead to background in dot blot or western blot applications.

The M.O.M.™ Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent is a component in the Vector® Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.™) kits and for optimal results these reagents should be used in combination.

Avidin/Biotin Blocking and Streptavidin/Biotin Blocking Kits bind and block all endogenous biotin, biotin receptors and (strept)avidin binding sites in tissue specimens to prevent subsequent interaction with (strept)avidin/biotin based detection systems.

Eliminate background interference from endogenous peroxidase, pseudoperoxidase, and/or alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity in tissue specimens with effective, ready-to-use solutions.


IHC Troubleshooting Guide for ABC Systems

A quick reference guide that outlines the systematic controls to help identify background sources in an immunohistochemistry protocol using ABC systems.  Also troubleshoot issues of weak or no staining. Laminated.


TrueVIEW Autofluorescence Quenching

For those wanting additional details on the simple protocol and mode of action of the TrueVIEW Autofluorescence Quenching Kit, this brochure contains clear, concise scematics, comparision data with other types of quenchers, and customer testimonials.