Biotinylated Dextran Amine-Texas Red®, 10,000 MW (BDA-10KTR)

Cat. No: SP-1140
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Unit Size: 10 mg



  • Used as anterograde tracers
  • Approximately 10,000 MW and conjugated with Texas Red®
  • Can be effectively introduced by iontophoretic or pressure injection methods
  • Fluorescent label allows easy location of injection site using a fluorescence scope
  • Details of labeled fibers and fibrillar termini can be detected with an avidin or streptavidin system.
Cat. No. SP-1140-10
Unit Size 10 mg
Country of Manufacture United States
Neuronal Tracer - Direction of Transport Anterograde
Detection Method Avidin(Streptavidin)/Biotin Method, Chromogenic, Fluorescence

More Information

Used as anterograde tracers, our Biotinylated Dextran Amines (BDA) are of approximately 10,000 MW and are conjugated with either fluorescein or Texas Red®. These tracers can be effectively introduced by iontophoretic or pressure injection methods. The injection site can then be examined easily with the fluorescent microscope while details of labeled fibers and terminals can be observed after VECTASTAIN® ABC - Peroxidase and substrate (DAB, Vector® SG, Vector® VIP, or Vector® NovaRED ) development. In addition, these BDAs can be used in double labeling protocols in conjunction with anterograde or retrograde HRP labeling or combined with immunohistochemistry for other substances.

C.L. Veenman, et. al. J. Neurosci. Methods, 41 (1992) 239-254

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