Antigen Unmasking Solution, Citrate-Based

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H-3300-250 250 ml

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Vector Laboratories’ Antigen Unmasking Solutions are highly effective at revealing antigens in formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections when used in combination with a high temperature treatment procedure.  This citrate-based solution (H-3300) is pH 6.0 and is supplied as convenient 100x concentrated stock, sufficient for preparation of 25 L of working solution.


More Information
Unit Size 250 ml
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence


Product FAQs

I have a bottle of the antigen unmasking solution, H-3300. It has been stored in the fridge for a few weeks. When I opened it, it contained some precipitate. Do you know what this precipitate is, and how it may affect product performance?

Product H-3300 is supplied as a highly concentrated (100x) salt solution. It is recommended to be stored in the fridge. In some cases, over time with cold storage, some salts may come out of solution and appear as particulate or precipitated material. Our recommendation is to gently warm the bottle in a warm water bath to re-dissolve the precipitate. Usually 30 min at 35 °C would be sufficient. Once re-dissolved, an aliquot can be drawn from this solution and diluted according to the instructions. Re-dissolving the precipitate maintains the desired pH and salt concentration for optimal performance.

What are the components in the antigen unmasking solution, citrate buffer pH 6, H-3300?

The stock solution of H-3300 is supplied as 1M citrate. Once diluted according to the instructions, the working concentration would be 0.01 M citrate. It is essentially a saturated concentrated salt solution.


Technical Information

These solutions for antigen retrieval are available in two formulations. The citrate-based solution (H-3300) is pH 6.0; the Tris-based solution (H-3301) is pH 9.0. Both solutions are supplied as convenient 100x concentrated stocks, sufficient for preparation of 25 L of working solution.


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