R.T.U. Animal-Free Blocker® and Diluent (AFB)

Cat. No: SP-5035
Price: $116.00
Unit Size: 100 ml


R.T.U. Animal Free Blocker and Diluent is a ready-to-use solution designed to be used as an antibody diluent and a blocking reagent to stabilize diluted antibody solutions and diminish background due to non-specific binding
in immunohistochemical applications. This product contains no animal-derived proteins and can be used as an alternative to sera, BSA, casein or non-fat dry milk in situations where these or other traditional blocking agents are not effective.

The R.T.U. Animal Free Blocker and Diluent is especially convenient in multiplex IHC (multiple antigen labeling) applications where antibodies from several different species are used. 

Cat. No. SP-5035-100
Unit Size 100 ml
Country of Manufacture United States
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Blotting Applications, Elispot
Blocking Action Non-Specific Protein Blocking
Format Ready-to-Use

More Information

This plant protein derived product is a universal antibody diluent and blocking reagent intended for cell and tissue based immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescent (IF) applications. This ready-to-use solution can be used as an alternative to normal sera, BSA, casein and non-fat dry milk in methods where these or other blocking agents have been found to be ineffective.

It is supplied without any sodium azide, and as such, can be used with both peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase antibody conjugates and all secondary detection reagents including polymer systems and avidin/biotin reagents that incorporate these enzymes. This makes the blocking solution especially convenient in multiplex (multiple antigen labeling) IHC applications where antibodies from different species and a variety of detection systems are used on the same tissue section.

Importantly, this is a different formulation than our concentrated (5x) animal free blocker, due to the optimized conditions and neutral pH of the solution for IHC and IF methods. 

Safety Information

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