A4FB Phosphoramidite


This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued permanently, please look for a suitable alternative product here.
SKU Unit Size Price
S-1013-250 250 mg
S-1013-1000 1 g

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A4FB Phosphoramidite is used to incorporate a 5'-4FB group directly during oligonucleotide synthesis. With this reagent no post-synthetic modification of an amino oligonucleotide with S-4FB is necessary. 4FB oligonucleotides are ready for conjugation to HyNic-modified antibodies, peptides or surfaces without further processing. The aniline protecting group of 4FB is cleaved under standard deprotection conditions.


More Information
Label/Modifier Type 4FB
Reactivity HyNic
Applications Antibody Labeling, Antisense/RNAi, Aptamers


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