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Vector Laboratories manufactures laboratory reagents for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunofluorescence (IF), glycobiology, and live cell imaging.  We are the makers of the VECTASTAIN® ABC kits - the trusted original avidin biotin complex systems, ImmPRESS™ Polymer Detection Reagents, and Vector® M.O.M.™ Mouse On Mouse Immunodetection Kit - the gold standard for detection of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue.  We also offer a palette of enzyme substrate colors for chromogenic development, including ImmPACT™ DAB substrate, for single and multiplex IHC.

VECTASHIELD® Antifade Mounting Media reagents are the most widely referenced antifade mounting media products cited in a wide range of applications - immunofluorescence on tissue and cell specimens, neurobiology, and super resolution microscopy among others.  Complementary to these mounting media reagents are our highly fluorescent secondary antibody conjugates with fluorescein, rhodamine, DyLight®, and Cy dyes.  Expanding our range for cell biology, we now offer VectaCell™ live cell imaging reagents and stains.

Vector Laboratories is the leading supplier of lectin conjugates and other glycobiology reagents for research involving complex carbohydrate structures.



IHC Selection GuideWhat are the steps in an IHC staining protocol, and what reagents will you need to complete the task?  What should you consider ahead of time to avoid common pitfalls?  Click here for a simple five-step selection guide to help you quickly identify and choose the most appropriate reagents for your application.


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