2- Hydrazinopyridine dihydrochloride


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S-2002-100 100 mg

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2-Hydrazinopyridine is an aromatic hydrazine reagent used to quantify the number of 4FB groups on proteins, oligos and other biomolecules prior to conjugation. The number of functional groups per biomolecule is known as the molar substitution ratio, or MSR. This is an important step in the conjugation process, as it allows for precise quantification of the number of linkers attached to a biomolecule, which in turn ensures reproducibility of conjugation from batch-to-batch. This aromatic hydrazine reacts with 4FB-modified biomolecules to form a quantifiable hydrazone which absorbs maximally at 345 nm with a molar extinction coefficient of 24,500 L/(mol*cm).


More Information
Reactivity 4FB
Recommended Storage Desiccated: 2° - 8°C
Applications In Situ Proximity Ligation
Other Name(s) 2- Hydrazinopyridine 2HCl, SoluLINK Bioconjugation



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