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Catalog Number: AK-5000

Availability: In stock

Unit Size: 1 kit

Small Bowel (frozen, double label): PGP9.5 (m), MOM Basic Kit, VECTASTAIN ABC AP Standard Kit, Vector Red substrate (red); Desmin (m), MOM Fluorescein Kit (green). Zoom


    CE markedFeatures:

    • Alkaline phosphatase enzyme detection system
    • Avidin/biotin technology
    • High sensitivity/low background
    • Low cost
    • Preferred for tissues that have high endogenous peroxidase activity
    • Offers additional substrate choices
    • Used as a second label in multiple antigen labeling applications
    • Available without ("Standard kit) or with biotinylated species-specific antibody

    Kit Contents:

    • 2 ml Reagent A (Avidin DH) plus 2 ml Reagent B (Biotinylated AP)


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    Additional Information

    Catalog Number AK-5000
    Unit Size 1 kit
    CE Marked Yes
    Country of Manufacture United States
    Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, In situ hybridization, Blotting Applications, Elispot, ELISAs
    Technology ABC (Avidin/Biotin) Systems
    Detection Enzyme Alkaline Phosphatase
    Target Species No antibody included
    Format Concentrate
Additional Info


    This standard kit contains 2 ml concentrated stocks of Reagent A and Reagent B to for the ABC-AP reagent.

    With more than 40,000 citations to its credit, the VECTASTAIN® ABC kit remains widely popular. Based on the versatile biotin/avidin interaction, the system is modular, and along with our selection of secondary antibodies, can accommodate a wide array of primary antibody and tissue species. Our ABC kits are economical and continue to be a staple product in any immunohistochemistry laboratory.

    The sensitivity of the VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP system is comparable to that of the peroxidase VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC system. The VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kits may be preferred for tissues that have high endogenous peroxidase activity. The system also offers additional substrate color choices.

    These kits are sufficient to stain approximately 1000-2000 sections or fifty 100 cm2 blots.

    Learn more about the VECTASTAIN® ABC systems.

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